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       Mellow Dee

 Heard any smoky, sultry yet funky jazz lately?   Check out some snippets from Dee's new album that she recorded here. 

                                            1. All I Can Do is Try     LISTEN

                                            2. Call Me After Five     LISTEN

                                            3. Boys Will Be Boys    LISTEN


             Randy Carter

The Least I could do is the second album Randy recorded here.  it is an epic 15 song journey through many styles from soft acoustic to heavy progressive metal.  Try a couple of snippets from each album.

                    "Fresh Bait" (From the new album The Least I Could Do)                 or                 "If That Ain't Enough To Rock You" (From first album)  


    Valorie Synwolt

A touching true story about the suicide of one of her students.  This is from her 2003 album that she recorded here.




      RK Alan

Rick Muethel (RK Alan) uses whimsical lyrics and playful acoustic guitar work throughout this album, "Back To Music"  to take you on a magical journey through life's little quirks

Here's a couple of examples.  I'm Positive She's Negative         Quarter To Four




                Jesse Clayton Moore  

Gary Moore (a.k.a. Jesse Clayton Moore) flew in from Vegas in January 2010 to record the second album that he's done here.   He did the lead vocals and some of the rhythm guitars.  His blend of rockin' country with sometimes deep, sometimes tongue in cheek lyrics will make you want to listen again and again.    Taste these goodies!

                 "Crazy Over You"   (from the first album)       or      "Daddy's Little Girl"  (from the second album)



              Paul David Black

Paul is just finishing up his second album here.  He did the lead vocals and acoustic guitars.   His emotionally charged music is something you won't soon forget.

Try these fine examples.....     "Feel The Fire"   (from the first album)        or         "Baby Doesn't Know"  (from the second album)


    Nita Jason

Nita's voice will mesmerize you.  She came here and sang all of the vocals and recorded an album of some of the smoothest, sexiest, R&B you've ever heard.



                       Keepin' Your Mind Occupied    LISTEN



      Jake Gabel

Jake is still working on his first album here, but the first single from it, "The Lord's Prayer" is already making waves in Christian circles worldwide, and is available at I-tunes, Napster, and Rhapsody.  On it, he handles the lead vocals and some of the acoustic guitars.


         Lauer Sisters

This beautiful and heartbreaking song was written for the funeral of a dear friend.

                       "Goodbye"      Listen



          Tree of Shadows

Listening to Tree of Shadows is the most fun you can have while standing up.

  Here's a little bit of .....    "Running From The Captain's Daughter"



Acoustic renaissance music with a rock attitude!  

Great Song >>> "Ghosts Of The North Sea"



                    Sister Elsewhere

Beautiful powerful rock.

                                               "Moonlight Love"    LISTEN



     Kevin Williams

 Check out this video of Kevin, here in the vocal booth, laying down his vocal for "April In The D" which he entered into the contest for Fox Sports Detroit.



       Nolan Voide

A great classical rock and roll song.

                          Mythical Girl    LISTEN


         Ruth Johnson

Ruth is the Secretary of State or Michigan and she brought her daughter to sing this jingle for her radio ads for her successful race to be re-elected as Oakland County Clerk in 2008.

The player will show in this paragraph


          Ross Herndon

This talented young writer came in and sang and played piano to recorded his humorous song "Jew Daddy".  Then he got with some friends from his high school and made a video.  Check it out here on YouTube.



     Matt Calistino \ Blood Vacuum


Richly textured prog rock interspersed with some very heavy metal.


               Hands Across The Void    LISTEN





Aaron Boyd is currently working on his fourth album here.

      This song, "Don't Give In", is from his 2009 album "Beyond The Rising Sun"  LISTEN

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