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Since 1969, as lead singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocal and musical arranger with Friz Necessity, Sun, Emrys, Topaz, The Fusionauts, The Campers From Hell, and Crime Control, all of whom professionally recorded original material and performed live club and concert dates in a wide variety of styles, I know what you're going through......Nuff said.

From an early age I developed a strong fascination with gadgetry and all things technical.  After receiving my diploma in Computer Technology in '79, (and having already spent ten years in the musical trenches) I began providing for myself by days by fixing and programming computers for accounting firms.  By nights, between gigs, songwriting, and rehearsals, I went about the arduous task of trying to merge my two loves, music and computers, which back then involved breadboards, jumper wires, modular synthesizers, and long lists of program code, until one day along came MIDI.  AAAHHH, big sigh of relief as all of this type of work suddenly became extremely easy and straightforward.

So!  In 1985 I opened Incidental Sounds, Co. and began helping songwriters to create finished works of musical art.  Since then the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.  With digital recording, hard disk editing..... the list goes on and on, we have witnessed a revolution in the ability of a project studio to compete with the quality of the majors to the point where a large percentage of current radio hits are produced in facilities like ours.  Over 6,000 songs later, and we're still going strong, and in each one of those songs I've learned new tricks to help improve the finished results.

Knowing how to utilize the technology to its fullest is imperative, but, in and of itself, is useless without the musical knowledge to go with it.  The main reason songwriters return here year after year is because of the help they get "creating" their songs.  Music is  the most powerful way known to humanity to transmit pure emotion from one person into another, and knowing how best to perform and arrange is the requirement to put the emotion into the music.