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Top Ten Reasons Why People Write Songs

     There are as many reasons as there are people who do it. Songwriters who have come to Incidental Sounds to record have had many reasons for wanting to record finished masters. Perhaps you fall loosely into one of the general categories in the necessarily incomplete list that follows...


  1)  You want to generate publishing income by having other artists cover your songs.

  2)  You want to be the artist yourself and perform original compositions.

  3)  You are already in a band but you want to get the songs "your way" before
        presenting it to the rest of the band.

  4)  You want to start a group after the album is finished so as to avoid the extreme
        difficulties of writing and recording as a group.

  5)  You want to generate radio airplay.

  6)  You want to perform live using the instrumental version as the background track.

  7)  You want to merchandise your CD  at your performance or sell your songs as downloads online to.....                                
        a) generate income, usually more than what you receive for the gig.
        b) attract better gigs because you have a product.
        c) help your audience remember you by having your music in their home & car.

  8)  You want to create background music for TV or radio commercials, movie or TV
        shows, or industrial or training videos.

  9)  You want to make a very personal gift for a loved one.

10)  You just want to have it to listen to in your old age.